03 How users attend to my TTT account

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03 How users attend to my TTT account

Postby FreeTools » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:24 am

The next step is to populate your account with users.
When you create the TTT account you received an email with link to your TTT account, something like http://ttt.freetools.ro/AccountName/ , where AccountName is name given by you when you create the TTT account.

When users go to link provided they will see a form to login. Also they have a link to create New Account (See Img 1)
Img 1
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When Clicking on "New Account" they will see a form that must be completed to create their own account. If you have more then one alliances defined they must select right alliance to attend to (See Img 2)
Img 2
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After they complete the form you must activate their account (if you choose to validate new accounts) before they can login. To learn how to activate new accounts please see Tutorial No 04 How to activate new users accounts.
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