01 How to create an account for my alliance

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01 How to create an account for my alliance

Postby FreeTools » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:56 am

To create an account for your alliance or META please follow this link:

Complete the form:

First part contain General details as described bellow:
Account Name: - can be the name of your alliance, meta, etc. Account name will give the link where your alliance members need to go and create their own users accounts.
Alliance Name, Tag and Motto: can be anything you want
Server address: is the world where your alliance is build in
Language: is the main language for show the pages
Template: Template to be used
Account need validation: if this is set to YES then all the new users need to be validated by an Admin before they can login and post their info

Second part contain information about superAdmin. SuperAdmin has full rights over this account like: validate new users, make other users Admins or SuperAdmins, see troops counts, etc.
Username: In game Username
Password: Your personal password to access your TTT account
Tribe: Your tribe in game
Travian UserID: Your Travian Unique ID in game
Email: Your email (on this email you will receive activation link for creating TTT accounts. Also is used to restore your password in case you loose it)
Language: is the language you want to use. Can be different then Main Language selected
Timezone: Your timezone. All date and times will be calculated using this settings.
Date format: date format to be used to show all dates and times

After you will complete this form click on Create Account button. If form is validated you will receive an email with activation link. This link is something like: http://www.freetools.ro/activation.php?act=AccountName&key=UniqueCode . Click on link from your email to activate your account.

After your TTT account is validated you will receive another email with link to your TTT account. Your TTT link will be something like: http://ttt.freetools.ro/AccountName/ where AccountName is the name choose when you filled the form.

Now that you have the link to your TTT account you need to send it to your alliance members so they can create their own account. For more Information about this please read Tutorial No. 3 How users attend to my TTT account
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